EveryPlate vs. HelloFresh – Meal Delivery Kit Comparison

EveryPlate and HelloFresh are two of the most popular meal delivery kits (or services) that allow consumers to have all of the necessary meal preparation ingredients delivered directly to their home. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each and see which one is better for YOU!

EveryPlate meal Delivery Kit Box

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Before getting into the specifics of each of these Meal Delivery Services, Let’s take a moment to examine some background information on EveryPlate and HelloFresh and see what their main points of comparison are.

Why Have Meal Delivery Kits Become So Popular?

People are busier than ever and many households now consist of two full-time employed adults (and possibly children).

Long-gone are the days when one spouse worked and the other stayed home and had the spare time to go grocery shopping and do weekly meal planning.

As a result, Meal Delivery Services that allow busy people to regain some of their precious time, have arisen.

What Are The Main Differences Between EveryPlate and HelloFresh?

I have seen HelloFresh described as the most popular meal delivery service, but did you know that:

So, What ARE the Differences, Then?

To tell you the truth…not much.

In general, HelloFresh is known to offer a few more meal selections than EveryPlate (may no longer be true – keep reading) and HelloFresh spends a LOT more money on advertising (definitely true).

This results in a higher price point for HelloFresh. As a matter of fact, the average price-per-meal for HelloFresh was roughly $8.99 versus $4.99 for EveryPlate.

Is HelloFresh worth the extra money? Read on to find out what I think…

Is EveryPlate Owned by HelloFresh?

Yes, EveryPlate is owned by the parent company HelloFresh.

You can read more details about the pros and cons of EveryPlate in this excellent review from Kimberly Zapata on Parade.com

Let’s Compare Some Sample Meals

The image below shows some of the most popular meal offerings from EveryPlate (the Sticky-Sweet Chili Chicken is on of my personal favorites)

Popular Meals from EveryPlate
Image Courtesy of EveryPlate


…some popular meal selections from HelloFresh

Sample Meals from HelloFresh
Image Courtesy of HelloFresh

I will say that I think both companies offer a wide array of delicious and healthy meals.

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But, again, is HelloFresh really worth almost twice as much per meal when compared to EveryPlate when they are, essentially, two arms of the same company?

Read on to get my take on the situation, but please check out this HelloFresh Review on CNET.com for an additional perspective.

Weekly Meal Offerings

While the images above do present a nice view of some of the most popular meals offered in each their company’s respective meal delivery kits, let’s take a closer look into some key differences regarding weekly meal selections…

HelloFresh Weekly Meal Offerings

HelloFresh offers over 20 meal offerings each week. Their website says they offer 20+ meals per week, including Pork-Free, Beef-Free and other meat free selections.

EveryPlate Weekly Meal Offerings

It looks like as of January 2023, EveryPlate is now offering a selection of 25 tasty and affordable meals, according to the expanded weekly menu on their website.

While I believe that EveryPlate has expanded their weekly meal selections, HelloFresh has not (to be fair, I think last year HelloFresh did offer more meals than EveryPlate, but it looks like this may have recently changed).

Which Meal Kit Instructions Are Easier to Follow?

Most all meal delivery kits come with something called recipe cards – the pull-out step-by-step meal preparation instructions that tell us how to combine and cook the ingredients to achieve the most delicious meal possible.

One of the things I looked at when comparing EveryPlate to HelloFresh was: Which meal service offered instructions that were easier to follow?

EveryPlate Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards from EveryPlate
Image Courtesy of EveryPlate

I found EveryPlate’s Recipe Cards to be simple, straightforward, with few (but clear) instructions and a font/type that was easy to read.

HelloFresh Recipe Cards

Recipe cards from HelloFresh
Image Courtesy of HelloFresh

While the recipe cards from HelloFresh also presented the meal preparation instructions in a clear step-by-step fashion, I found them to be a little harder to read (due to the font size used) and the meals were more involved to prepare (more ingredients per meal, on average).

Meal Delivery Kits – Plans & Pricing

As I mentioned above, HelloFresh is, roughly $8.99 per meal, while EveryPlate is much more affordable at around $4.99 per meal.

These prices are subject to change in 2023 (most likely, each will increase slightly). BUT- you can often find online discounts by visiting your favorite food blogs – like this one ;)!

And just because you decided to visit SeasonalCookbook.com…..here’s a special offer for you to try

Try EveryPlate at just $1.39 per meal (for a Limited Time) – HUGE DISCOUNT!

EveryPlate offers meal plans for 2 or 4 people with anywhere from 3 to 6 meals per week

Image Courtesy of EveryPlate

(Please note: That in order to get $1.39 per meal – the lowest price per meal of any meal kit delivery service, you must choose the 4 person/6 meal option shown above)

So what do I get if I choose another option?

The great thing about EveryPlate is even if you choose the 2 person/4 meal per week option, you’ll still get your meals for an average of $1.99 per meal.

See for yourself by trying different meal plan configurations here!

How Much Does Shipping Cost for EveryPlate versus HelloFresh?

I will admit that shipping (for anything, these days) is not cheap. This is not due to the meal delivery services jacking up their prices, exclusively, but more to do with shipping services charging more to ship packages of a certain weight and size.

People who opt for the convenience of meal Delivery Kits like these, are going to pay a bit for shipping.

Last I checked, shipping was comparable between HelloFresh and EveryPlate at $8.99 per box (delivery), but this is also subject to increase slightly in 2023.

Do EveryPlate and HelloFresh Offer Vegan or Vegetarian Meals

Yes, although I cannot say with 100% certainty that either follows strict vegan guidelines.

However, if you are looking for vegetarian (meat-less) meals, both meal delivery services offer several selections.

Sample Vegetarian Meals Courtesy of EveryPlate

For those of you who follow a strictly vegan diet, or have certain dietary restrictions, it’s possible that neither HelloFresh, EveryPlate or even meal kit delivery services, in general, would be the right choice for you.


Both EveryPlate and HelloFresh meal kits came well-packaged.

In both cases, most of each company’s box can be recycled, however there are certain parts such as insulation and gel that are used to preserve perishable ingredients that cannot be recycled.

I should also mention that HelloFresh boxes seemed a little sturdier and had more appealing artwork and photography.

This is another area where it is evident that HelloFresh is paying extra money for advertising…and passing this cost onto you and me in the form of a significantly higher average price-per-meal.

Ease to Join

If you can follow simple online instructions, both HelloFresh and EveryPlate are quite easy to join. Their respective websites are designed for everyday individuals, not computer scientists.

If I had to give the edge to one or the other, I would have to say EveryPlate – again, I found the font on their website easier to read.

It was slightly larger (although this can be adjusted based on your web browser) and a little less ‘fancy’ than what I found on the HelloFresh website.

So, I am giving the edge to EveryPlate here, but feel free to consider this category a tie.


So, in the Meal Delivery Service comparison of EveryPlate vs. HelloFresh, who won? Here’s a hint…

EveryPlate versus HelloFresh
Image Courtesy of EveryPlate

First off, if you are on a budget and want to try a meal Delivery Service that won’t break the bank, EveryPlate is the clear choice. EveryPlate’s pricing is simply better.

>>>>>Remember to use this link for the lowest EveryPlate Per-Meal Pricing<<<<<

As for meal choices, some older online EveryPlate reviews have them offering anywhere from 5 to 11 different meals to choose from.

In 2023, EveryPlate has greatly expanded their menu of online meal selections and now offers 25 healthy and delicious meals to choose from – see for yourself!

Both meal delivery services provided separate recipe cards detailing exactly how to prepare each specific meal, but I found the recipe cards provided by EveryPlate to be easier to read (better font, larger size, and fewer individual steps).

Joining each meal-based subscription service was quite easy, so I (personally) felt that EveryPlate’s sign-up area on their website was a little easier to read, this category was essentially a tie.

Packaging was one area where I had to give the edge to HelloFresh. Their contents were stored a little better, their boxes seemed a bit sturdier and their graphics, artwork and photography looked a little more professional to me.

Is this worth an average price per meal that is almost twice as much as EveryPlate? Absolutely not! Especially when you consider these two meal delivery services are just different arms of the same parent company.

Recipe CardsEveryPlate
JoiningEveryPlate/HelloFresh (TIE)
EveryPlate versus HelloFresh Comparison Table (Summary)

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I used to use the analogy that HelloFresh is to EveryPlate what Lexus is to Toyota. For those of you who are not car geeks like me, the Toyota Motor Corporation owns both Lexus AND Toyota.

However, I bet you notice a lot more television commercials for Lexus than you do for Toyota – especially around the holidays!

Lexus is Toyota’s high-end brand and Lexus is targeted to a specific end of the consumer market.

The same goes for HelloFresh vs. EveryPlate. HelloFresh has long been considered the Lexus of meal Kit Delivery Services. If you read any of the other comparison online, almost all mention that HelloFresh advertises more, but I hope that my review here helped shed light on a few things…

In 2023, EveryPlate actually offers more meal selections than HelloFresh. EveryPlate also has expanded their selection of vegetarian offerings.

Image courtesy of EveryPlate

Both HelloFresh are easy to sign up for and provide well-packaged ingredients with easy-to-follow-meal prep instructions.

HelloFresh is significantly more expensive on a per-meal basis and in my opinion no longer worth the extra money.

EveryPlate provides a cost-effective meal kit solution without all the fluff. It’s great for someone like me on a budget, and their increased meal variety and incredible pricing make EveryPlate the clear winner.

If you are seriously considering trying a Meal Delivery Service, but haven’t decided yet, you cannot go wrong with EveryPlate. And please remember to…


I usually end my recipes with Happy Cooking!

In this case I’ll say, Happy Eating!

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