9 Ways to Make Mild Salsa Spicier

Do you prefer a milder salsa while your partner always wants to bring the heat? Don’t worry, I am going to show you nine (9) EASY ways to make mild salsa spicier. And, let’s face it, it is much less burdensome to start with a mild salsa and make it hotter than the other way around!

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If you and your partner like different levels of heat when it comes to your salsa, don’t buy two different types – try my 9 simple hacks below for making your mild salsa a little (or a lot) spicier.

1 – Add Your Preferred Brand of Hot Sauce

This is pretty much a no-brainer that requires you to buy your favorite hot sauce (this is mine) and add it to your mild salsa (to taste).

2 – Chop or Dice Jalapenos and Add to Your Mild Salsa

While this way requires a little more work than simply adding hot sauce, it also adds texture to your salsa.


3 – Add Diced Raw Onions (or Even Onion Powder)

This method allows you to make your salsa hotter without going over-the-top spicy. Again, adding diced raw onions will add some texture and is one of the main ingredients I used in my Mom’s Homemade Salsa recipe, but if you prefer a smooth salsa then onion powder may be the way to go.

4 – Add Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

Yes – the type you cover your pizza with! Crushed red pepper flakes like these are one of my favorite toppings for everything from pizza to my favorite keto scrambled eggs recipe to french fries.

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5 – Mix Chopped Raw Chili Peppers into Mild Salsa

Depending on the type of chili peppers you choose to include, this could take salsa from mild to blazing hot and anywhere in between. This is one of the most effective ways to add some real heat!

6 – Sprinkle in Cayenne Pepper

Much like the onion power mentioned above, adding a few pinches of culinary ground cayenne pepper can definitely increase the spiciness of your salsa. Want it mildly spicy, sprinkle in a little. Want it very hot? Sprinkle in a LOT!

7 – Add a Few Drops of Habanero Sauce

Just remember this sauce can be face-meltingly hot, so be very careful about how much you add to your salsa. But a good habanero sauce like the one I use will really kick the spiciness of your salsa up a few notches.

8 – Mix in One Tablespoon of Minced Garlic

This is about as easy as it gets. If you have or buy a small jar of minced garlic, simply take a tablespoon of minced garlic, add to your salsa, and mix it in. This adds a nice flavor without adding too much heat.

9 – Drop in Seeds From Dried Chili Peppers

Adding the seeds from dried chili peppers is a great way to spice up many different dishes and it is one of the most effective ways to make mild salsa more spicy. It’s also relatively easy to do: Take a dried chili pepper or two (or three) from a bag of dried chilies like the one seen below.

Tear or crush each pepper in your hand (the seeds will be loose inside the pepper) and drizzle the chili seeds on top of your salsa.

BONUS TIP – Saute Crushed Garlic Cloves in Olive Oil and Drizzle Into Salsa

Using a cast iron saute pan with a non-stick grip like one of these (olive oil can be slippery), simply drizzle your extra virgin olive oil into your hot pan.

Next, cut a few garlic cloves in half and – using the flat side of a large knife – crush each half-clove of garlic (be careful with the knife) and drop the crushed half-cloves into your hot saute pan.

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Crushing the garlic releases the natural oils that then blend nicely with the heated olive oil.

Just saute for two or three minutes while lightly mixing the crushed garlic around in the olive oil. Finally, drizzle the mixture into your salsa.

This infusion of crushed garlic is also used when making picante sauces!

In fact, if you have a few minutes, please check out my article on Salsa Vs Picante to get an in-depth look at the similarities and differences between these two popular condiments.

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This is definitely the most labor-intensive way to make mild salsa spicier, but it may be my absolute favorite method. The hot garlic/olive oil mixture mixed in with any salsa just widens the flavor profile and tastes A-MA-ZING!

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These Ideas Are Just the Beginning!

I certainly hope you found a few of my ideas for turning your everyday, mild salsa into a spicier version of itself, which is definitely easier than making salsa LESS spicy!

I also hope that these 9 Easy Methods have made you excited about salsa again!

If you share your life with someone who does not crave the heat as much as you (like I do), start with a mild salsa and try some of my suggestions above to spice it up!

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