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Plain Pasta without Sauce and Fresh Basil

How To Keep Pasta Warm WITHOUT Sauce

Most of us know that adding a nice, heaping amount of hot tomato sauce will increase the temperature of our lukewarm pasta. But did you know that there are several other ways to keep pasta warm without adding sauce? The tips below are some of the techniques professional caterers or […]

Heating up Leftover Taco Meat

21 Crazy Ways To Use Leftover Taco Meat

If you make tacos as often as I do, you will invariably be left with extra taco meat from time to time. Here, I am going to share my 21 favorite things to do with leftover taco meat. What Is Taco Meat In general, taco meat is nothing more than […]


9 Ways to Make Mild Salsa Spicier

Do you prefer a milder salsa while your partner always wants to bring the heat? Don’t worry, I am going to show you nine (9) EASY ways to make mild salsa spicier. And, let’s face it, it is much less burdensome to start with a mild salsa and make it […]