Vegan Cheesy Kalamata Olive Triscuits

Vegan Cheesy Olive Crackers

Recently, I’ve been trying out more vegan recipes. Some with more success than others – LOL! One new vegan food item that my wife and I have been experimenting with is sliced non-dairy cheese. In the past year or so it seems that there has been an ever-expanding selection of […]

Cucumber Shrimp Spread

Cucumber-Shrimp Spread

Getting ready to host a great outdoor summer barbecue? Or are you just looking for something that’s quick, easy to prepare, and delicious to bring with you on a romantic picnic? If you love shrimp as much as I do and have a few cucumbers left over from the delicious, […]

Smmer Salsa Recipe

Mom’s Homemade Salsa

Salsa….I love Salsa! It’s a noun – “What a delicious salsa!” It’s a verb – “Would you like to Salsa?” I can’t get enough! Salsa is so amazing. It can be a topping over grilled chicken. It can be a condiment  with shrimp, but most of us know and love […]